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Naad Yoga & Chanting – The Power of Sound

LA 2009

Naad Yoga & Chanting – The Power of Sound
Dev Suroop Kaur
Written October 2002

Everything that is a part of creation is vibrating at some frequency. While a rock vibrates at a slower frequency than a sound current, it is vibrating nonetheless. Any time that we think, speak, chant or utter a sound, we set a new vibration into motion. That thought, word or sound may be a vibration of high frequency that serves to elevate us and those around us or may be one of a lower vibration that diminishes us and others.

Each of us has experienced the powerful impact of sound when a few well placed, cutting words can bite and have a lingering, harsh effect. Similarly, a simple, kind word or two can comfort, sooth and uplift. The words we choose and how we communicate with ourselves and one another can elevate our spirit and those around us or, alternately, can bring us down. We can create new beliefs and new spirit by consciously choosing to speak in an uplifting manner to others and, even more importantly, to consciously choose to speak to ourselves lovingly. This means choosing not to slander, not to gossip, not to get down on ourselves…by either stopping before the words come out of our mouths or replacing the word or thought with something positive.

The highest form of self-communication is chanting and the use mantra. Chanting is an easy tool because you can chant anywhere—out loud or silently—and change your state of being. When we chant ancient, sacred and uplifting mantras that inherently have a high frequency, our tongue touches the roof of the mouth in a very specific manner. This creates a chain reaction resulting in a change in the chemical composition of the brain. When the chemistry of the brain is balanced, our state of mind and outlook on life improves dramatically. We simply feel better.

Conscious communication and chanting are the magic and beauty of Naad Yoga – The Science of Sound and Communication.

To begin to understand how sound effects you, here is a meditation to practice. As you better understand the impact of sound, you will become more conscious of how sound affects your spirit.

Listening Meditation
To develop the sensory system
To enhance communication skills

Sit in easy pose, eyes closed and focus gently at the brow point. Breathe long and deep.

Begin isolating and identifying each sound that you hear. Allow every sound. If, for example, a car passes outside, mentally identify the sound by stating “a car is passing outside”… “I can hear the hissing of water beneath the tires”. Then move on to the next sound…be it a fly buzzing, the sound of your breath through your nostrils as you inhale & exhale, the sound of someone clearing his or her throat. If you feel that you have identified every sound possible, continue isolating every sound that strikes your ears, even if you have already identified it.

Continue isolating and identifying every sound for 3 to 11 minutes.

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