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Mantras and Mudras : A Series of Meditations with Music and Mudras

Mantras and Mudras was developed in 1998 during a course called “Mantras and Mudras” in Espanola.

There are seven meditations in this series. They are all featured on the Enchanting Mantras and Mudras CD.




Download the ADI SHAKTI Meditation here.

Listen to the ADI SHAKTI track from Mantras and Mudras here


These are the last eight lines of a traditional prayer recited at sunset to restore radiance and replenish energy at the end of a busy day.  Rakhay Rakhanahaar grants protection and brings remembrance of our relationship with divinity.

Download the RAKHAY RAKHANHAAR Meditation Here

Listen to the RAKHAY RAKHANHAAR track from Mantras and Mudras here





This pauri of Rehiras Sahib purifies the mind and body. The recitation of this mantra heals old wounds from the earliest childhood and even from before birth.  It is also used to ward off evil spirits.

Download the OOTHAI TAYREE Meditation Here

Listen to the OOTHAI  TAYREE track from Mantras and Mudras here





The recitation of this mantra can cut through the limitations of time and space, healing and removing all blocks.  When aspects of your life seem stuck or unyielding, this chant has the power to move heaven and earth.

Download the HAIBHAY SACH Meditation Here

Listen to the HAIBHAY SACH track from Mantras and Mudras here





This majestic music allows the listeners to access and develop their own greatness.  It is said that this song is so powerful that you need nothing else.  

Download the Chay Ghar Meditation Here

Listen to Chay Ghar Meditation track from Mantras and Mudras Here.







This mantra awakens our deep, natural connection to truth as our original source and identity. It allows us to bring this reality to ourselves & our environments.

Download the HAIBHEE SACH Meditation Here

Listen to HAIBHEE SACH Meditation track from Mantras and Mudras Here.







Aad Guray Nameh is a mantra to uphold and protect us even in the midst of all the activities of our busy and complicated lives. It clears the clouds of doubt by reminding us that we are Divinely guided through each and every action.

Download the AAD GURAY NAMEH Meditation Here

Listen to Aad Guray Nameh Meditation track from Mantras and Mudras Here.

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