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Explore and enjoy my catalog of beautiful, creative, and richly varied mantra and spiritual music from the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh traditions. With the pure intention of evoking the Divine, each of these creations has been produced with great care, creativity, and deep reverence for the sacred sound current. Every piece offered – from the deeply contemplative composition of Narayan, to the classical raag presentation of Sahej, to the hip, edgy beats of the chant-rap album Kundalini Beat – is purposefully intended to offer useful and various approaches to mantra and spiritual music for use in meditation and daily life. I offer several options to listen to songs and albums and also to buy digital downloads and physical CDs.

Kirtan Kriya

Kirtan Kriya

Beautifully designed to support you in your practice of Kirtan Kriya, one of the key meditations of Kundalini Yoga said to carry us through the Aquarian Age.  This piece is created as the 13-minute version.  Try or buy now.



A musical mantra journey of simplicity and purity. Created in 2012, this album includes kundalini yoga chants I have been chanting over the past 15 years in concerts, classes, and events. Simple and soothing vocals with violin, fretless bass, acoustic guitar, cittern, and percussion. Try or buy now.

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

Click on the link and you can sit back and enjoy the album from top to bottom! Reviews welcome and appreciated.   This album is in the final touches before it is released. We will keep you posted!  Try or buy now.

Classical Raag Kirtan

Sahej – Peaceful Acceptance

Classical North Indian Raag Kirtan presented in a simple and evocative style.  Enjoy this beautifully meditative album featuring four stunning classical compositions and a gorgeous acappella version of Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur.  Try or buy now.

Chant Hip-Hop

Kundalini Beat

Chant meets hip-hop in this lively, jazzy, beat-infused creation. Rich, deep, and upbeat, this double CD has been enthusiastically embraced by people of all ages and from many walks of life.
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Morning Sadhana Chants


Enjoy this lush and heavenly album for meditation. Created and produced with great care to be timeless, lovely, and deeply chantable. Radiance begins with Long Ek Ong Kaars and includes all of the Aquarian Sadhana mantras. Try or buy now.

Peaceful & Elegant


This tender and exquisite interpretation of the Narayan shabd and Wahe Guru Jio chant has been soothing hearts and souls for over a decade.  Comforting, compelling, lush, and simply sumptuous.  Drift peacefully in divine comfort.
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Chants to Deeply Meditate


Music for deep meditation. Includes 31-minutes each of Long Ek Ong Kaars and Guru Guru Wahe Guru from the album Radiance. Prepared by popular request of those who wish to be immersed and deeply supported in sound current.
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Devotional & Limitless

Enchanting Mantras and Mudras

Seven engaging musical creations of mantra interspersed with English lyrics.  Jazzy, compelling, and beautiful, this is my first album. Created with loving care and pure devotion, it includes some of my all-time personal favorites. Try or buy now.

Soothing Simplicity

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Classic

A simple, engaging, and satisfying rendition of the mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru.  This is a classic version that we have been chanting for many years in Gurdwaras and yoga classes.  11 minutes for use for meditation. Try or buy now.