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Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

This album is the brain child of Liv Singh, a creative producer, composer, and mad studio scientist, with Dev Suroop Kaur joining in to add the mantra and vocal elements. We took our collaborative approach in new directions with this album, using vocal percussion, whispering, sliding the voice in new ways, and speaking in addition to solid chanting – all in the context of Kundalini yoga mantra and serving the mantra with integrity and respect. This is the kind of music you can use to affirm your identity as a timeless, deathless being in all activities of your life, not just when you’re sitting down to meditate. This music is not only useful in yoga classes and in your personal practice, but also in other life activities – working, driving, dancing, and relaxing.

Click on the link below and you can sit back and enjoy the album from top to bottom! Reviews welcome and appreciated.  🙂 This album is in the final touches before it is released. We will keep you posted!

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  1. Riding Into Destiny 11:34
  2. God and Me 5:40
  3. Celestial Sat Narayan 13:30
  4. When Darkness Collides with Light 3:50
  5. Klezmer Yoga Guru Ram Das 3:28
  6. I Am 5:33
  7. Klezmer Yoga Ra Ra Ma Ma 3:38
  8. Dhan Dhan 5:42
  9. Sat Nam Bangara 10:32
  10. Kundalini Rising 7:17


  • Vocals and Vocal co-arrangements – Dev Suroop Kaur
  • Music, Production, Arrangements and Engineering – Liv Singh
  • Violin, Clarinet, Mandolin, Recorder and Penny Whistle – Yonatan Miller
  • Keyboards by Mark DeCozio
  • Drum kits by Ken Mary

Recorded and mixed at Invincible